About this project

Development of Biomedical and Health Informatics Competencies

The growing role of information technology within health-care delivery has created the need to deepen the pool of informaticians who can help organizations maximize the effectiveness of their investment in information technology—and in so doing maximize impact on safety, quality, effectiveness, and efficiency of care. Today, there is no consensus on the curricula needed for informaticians throughout the discipline.

AMIA through a committee of Academic Forum members will work toward a comon set of informatics education principles for our members, current and prospective member institutions, and the health information technology community. Educators in the field of informatics have long desired a national framework by which managers in health-care practice settings can define roles related to important informatics and HIT functions. A similar framework is needed to provide guidance to educators and educational administrators for the advancement of new and existing informatics training programs, as well as for faculty recruitment and development. An official AMIA informatics competencies policy document will provide the foundation for developing these frameworks.

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